About SCM Vision, Inc.

The Vision

To provide the basic tools for improving the quality of life for families who are unable to move out of economic distress due to education, employment, and health related deterrents. It is a faith-based, 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization designed to promote and generate positive and healthy relationships for individual(s) and/or families through spiritual, personal, and educational development. The aim is to engage low and moderate-income citizens in educational, social, and supportive programs that eradicate barriers impeding them from self-sufficiency. 

Our Expectations

  • Connect families with resources compatible to their needs holistically (i.e., children, transportation, childcare, education, health, etc.)
  • Assist in the development of Community--Family Connections to benefit the welfare and well-being of the family
  • Structure all Services conducive to the format which engages "Client-driven" support as oppose to "Program-driven" services
  • Solicit private and public stakeholders to assist in expanding the scope of support to a "hard-to-serve" population
  • Partner with other faith-based, nonprofit, private, and public community organizations to move the targeted population out of poverty
  • Seek and apply for grant funding for personal development of families as well as sustainability
  • Implement three (3) Fundraising Projects per year with one being a major event with sponsors, donors, and large contributions
  • Ensure that a portion of all proceeds from fundraising events are used for individual support services