What We Do?

Way 2 Work: The Transit Line

Pathways from Bondage offers transportation services to the "hard-to-serve" population specifically residents living in public housing communities. The aim is to first begin services to residents living in Suffolk public housing communities and then expand to other localities if funding permits. Without reliable and regular transportation, low-income residents are prone to fail at their quest for independence and self-sufficiency. A partnership in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement between SCM VISION, INC and the Oak Grove Baptist Church will eliminate the burden experienced by low-income residents working entry-level employment and unable to get to their child's school.

SCM VISION, INC will provide transportation for the "hard-to-serve" population in the City of Suffolk to improve safety and job opportunities to low-income families. This intentional activity connects individuals and families to the component "Way 2 Work" to remove employment barriers as well as self-sufficiency barriers.