What We Do?

H.E.A.L.T.H: Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Training Habit

Plan is designed to promote healthy lifestyles from infancy to adulthood through partnerships with existing community organizations. Good health is an important ingredient to employment and self-sufficiency and assist in ending health disparities in surrounding Hampton Roads communities. Multiple health programs have failed for low to moderate-income families due to improper infrastructure. Health disparities do exist but the challenge is changing "mindsets" more so than "health habits".

Connecting the proper resource for an individual health situation is crucial to ending health disparities and changing mindsets toward healthy living. One program is not a fix-all for "individual problems" but a setup to reduce the risk of positive outcomes for the targeted population. Agencies are ill equipped with Social Workers to handle the multiplicity of challenges facing clients living in at-risk and disadvantage communities. The H.E.A.L.T.H. Plan employs counselors and mentors that accommodate the need for one-on-one case management and relieve the burden of Human Service Agencies with monitoring the "hard -to-serve" population.