Our Goals

SCM VISION, INC is a faith-based nonprofit organization strategically designed to rebuild, reconnect, and bring resiliency to the at-risk and disadvantage populations in the City of Suffolk. The organization's emphasis is the "Pathways from Bondage Coalition" Ministry.

Vision: To expand assistance to the "hard-to-serve" underprivileged populations through biblical, educational, and resource methods.

Mission:To create an alliance of counselors/mentors and provide services and resources to eradicate trends and establish practical and biblical solutions for healthy families.

Purpose: To rebuild connectedness among individuals, families, and communities throughout the Hampton Roads area. The client-driven approach is to extend resources, services, and programs specific to family needs; of providing spiritual guidance; and of offering practical solutions for eradicating unhealthy trends to transform lives. "Pathways From Bondage Coalition" is the catalyst that assists the community with viable connections to programs and services that reduce crime, substance abuse, health disparities, and youth violence.

Founder & CEO Sylvia Copeland-Murphy