Expectations And Approach

    The Expectations

  • Connect families with resources compatible to their needs holistically (i.e., children, transportation, childcare, education, health, etc.)

  • Assist in the development of Community--Family Connections to benefit the welfare and well-being of the family

  • Structure all Services conducive to SCM VISION, INCs format which engages "Client-driven" support as oppose to "Program-driven" services

  • Solicit private and public stakeholders to assist in expanding the scope of support to a "hard-to-serve" population

  • Partner with other faith-based, nonprofit, private, and public community organizations to move the targeted population out of poverty

  • Seek and apply for grant funding for personal development of families as well as sustainability

  • Implement three (3) Fundraising Projects per year with one being a major event with sponsors, donors, and large contributions

  • Ensure that a portion of all proceeds from fundraising events are used for individual support services

  • The Approach

  • Approach: Our approach is through our Pathways From Bondage Coalition comprised of five (5) components. This outreach portion for SCM VISION, Inc is the model that engages families with tailored services for a successful and productive transitioning. SCM VISION, INC assures the success of families by incorporating the following (but not limited to these):

  • Y.A.C.S: Youth Abandoning Controlled Substances

    Tutoring, Mentoring, Summer Enrichment Camp, Workshops/Conferences

  • Way 2 Work:

    Transport youth to programs, Transport Moms to Work, Transport to PTAs

  • H.E.A.L.T.H: Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Training Habit

    Incorporate Healthy Eating in activities, Teach Abstinence, Prevent Teen Pregnancy

  • T.R.U.T.H:The Real U That Hides

    Mental Health Programs—TV Show, Family Conferences

  • P.H.I.S.H: Public Housing Income Supplementary Help

    Free Training Programs, Apprenticeships